Our Services


Building a world of free and open education for everyone requires real investment and work. The OWL Institute focuses on practical and effective ways to help people and groups succeed in using digital technology for learning and teaching. To help us continue to offer the best in free and open education, OWL offers a number of fee-based services.

Professional Development

Get your courses online fast and easy with OWL! We provide more than just workshops and training-we build the courses so teachers can get to doing what they do best–teach!
-Blended and online course development $800 (basic) to $3,000 (deluxe)
-Workshops $100-$500, depending on size and duration
-Individual Training $50/hour (free, initial consultation)

Home Education Consulting

Devoted to the love of learning, OWL’s staff of experienced teachers and home educators brings you the knowledge and insights you need to make your homeschooling a success. We help you define realistic goals and develop simple strategies for achieving them. Let our professional and dedicated staff make a difference for you!


Teaching Services

To assist students and home educators, OWL offers teaching services in a variety of subject areas. Teaching services provide development and delivery of curriculum to meet the needs of the client.
-$100/per student/per course/per month (income and needs-adjusted rates available).

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