Make sure you read this before looking for a Placement is Canadian B-Schools!

Canadian B-School

Make sure you read this before looking for a Placement is Canadian B-Schools!

Getting placed in the best B-School and mastering MBA is a dream come true for almost every student. So if are a part of the crowd, it time you put your foot down and start working on it. Here are few things that you have to keep in mind to get placed in the top business schools in Canada.

Canadian B-School


To be sure that you are not going to miss the admission, it is better if you apply for the application form well in advance, like 15 to 18 months earlier. This period might seem really long, it is almost equivalent to spending a whole year in looking for an MBA seat in Canada. But the process is big, so it’s worth your time and also you do not want to miss out the admission. So block a year’s time in your calendar. There are two ways in which one can seek for an application. Either you are going to ask for an application sending a requisition letter for the same online or have an eye on the university website and download it as soon as it gets published.

The Eligibility Criteria:

In order to apply for an MBA seat in Canada, there is a list of things you will have to look into:

The under-graduation period:

MBA schools in Canada look for a minimum 4 years of proper college education before getting into MBA. So in most cases, it is better that you complete a post-graduation degree to make sure that you have gotten through the 4-year bar. Apart from a full-time college degree, professional courses like CA, CMA is now considered at par with 4 years college degree.

Work Experience:

Though this is not a compulsory criterion at least in all business schools, some of them look for people with work experience and priority is given to such candidates.

Entrance Examination:

You cannot get into a business school without appearing for an entrance examination and attain exceptional scores in the same. There are two entrance examinations with which you can claim eligibility. It can either be GMAT or TOEFL. When compared to GMAT, TOEFL is simple for most of the students. The best thing is that you can get above-average scores in TOEFL and simply get into any Canadian Business School. Whereas in GMAT you have to score exceptionally well to make it as your eligibility criterion.

Letters of Recommendation:

One need not have to explain what a Letter of Recommendation is. However, business schools have their own format and might vary from one place to the other. So make note of the format. This person who endorses you, must in some way be connected to your academics preferably with the course that you are going to master in Canada. He/she should also mention the whereabouts, designation and how the person knows you. This letter is very important to determine your eligibility.

Statement of Purpose:

This is a statement given by the candidate to validate his purpose of looking for an opportunity aboard and the reason for choosing this particular course. You have to help yourself here. Do not write the same stuff that a thousand others would write. Be precise and unique.



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