Metal Roof Restoration Houston

Considering a Metal Roof Replacement?

Approved DealerAre you considering the replacement of that old metal roof with a new metal roof?  If that is the way, you are going with your metal roof restoration look no further! TMRC has been into metal roofing business and has over 35 years experience in metal roof service. The advantages of embarking on a metal roof restoration are varied and many. From corrugated to concealed fix roof sheeting, they offer a wide range of colors made from top quality steel. The installation of a  metal roof can lift the appearance of your property and give you confidence this will be your last roof restoration

 Metal Roof Restoration Promises to Endure

When Texas Meta Roofing Contractors (TMRC) choose the products to use in your metal roof replacement, they are mindful of the elements that make up those products. We materials for their durability, strength, fire resistant standards and their affordable cost. Metal roof restoration includes high-pressure cleaning, repair and spot priming of any damaged/faulty areas. Next is the application of an etching primer and two coats of the advanced high-tensile acrylic coating. Metal roofing restoration prices and quality endorsed products are not beyond your property’s reach, and they make sure of that. TMRC can restore that old metal roof to better than new at half the cost of replacement.

Metal Roof Restoration

No Disruption To Business

When planning for a metal roof restoration, we need to consider a couple of areas of concern. The first is how much disruption to your business the restoration process will cause and the second is how safe will it be. TMRC can guarantee that metal roof restoration process will be carried out with little or no loss of productivity. Actually, the issue of safety is a non-issue. Our teams are OHSA trained and have the knowledge and experience to protect you and your premises from unsafe risks and hazards.

Conveniently Based and Highly Reputable

With two locations in the Houston Metro area and considered to be one of the leading metal roof contractors in Texas. “>Texas Metal Roof Contractors leads the field in metal roof restoration or replacement. They also offer watertight warranties from five years for the installation of screw fixed sheeting and 15 years for concealed fix sheeting installation. TMRC can offer you a one-stop solution for any metal roof service you need at a price you can afford. They are reliable, affordable and available. At TMRC we can provide a modern roofing look using the latest roof seal coatings, that will extend your roof’s life saving you the need for a roof replacement while looking like a world-class roof-restoration.