The Open World Learning Institute helps individuals, families, and communities find, create and use open educational resources.


Free and Open Education

Empowering people in the digital world through advanced learning technologies fosters greater local autonomy and global awareness, radically lowering the traditional barriers to education and cooperation. Internationally, standards have been set for the exchange of digital objects, creating greater return for investments into the knowledge economy

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OER are digitized materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and re-use for teaching, research and learning. OWL collects, organizes, generates and distributes OER to make it easy for anybody to use them efficiently and meaningfully. OWL does this by resolving the key issues of time, skills and accessibility.


Future of Learning

Flexible, learner-centered, anytime, anywhere education is a goal that could not be achieved through the industrial method of same time, same place education. By leveraging the power of the digital medium to meet the expanding and changing needs of a global population, the OWL Institute will sustain and expand operations through value-added products and services.

Life in the Open World

OWL collects, organizes, creates and distributes OER (Open Educational Resources), making them easy for anyone to use effectively and meaningfully. OWL does this by resolving the key issues of time, know-how and access.

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Making Free & Open Education a Reality

To realize the vision of free and open access to high-quality educational opportunities, OWL’s mission is to research, develop, and distribute educational resources and opportunities across economic, geographic and cultural barriers.

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Organizing OER within a powerful and efficient learning management system, the Open Education Portal offers ready-made courses for public use. Using innovative, open source applications and the very best open educational resources, the OE Portal puts the power of open education into everyone’s reach. Along with sources, the OE Portal brings significant news, initiatives, events, expert reviews, advice and insights for using OER effectively and meaningfully.

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